Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  How do I support more than 10 custom levels?
A: A code-0 administrator can change the server to any level as follows:
  1. Go into observer mode so that you become a privileged administrator (see manual).
  2. Type "cmd changelevel mapname" in the console, where 'mapname' is the name of the level
Q:  I tried running a server with XXXX.exe -dedicated but it crashes.
A: GLQuake does not work as a dedicated server!! To run a CRMod server, it is recommended that you use either wqpro.exe (for a windows machine) or sqpro (for a linux machine). These are available at I do not support any other quake executables, so if you're not using one of these two then don't even bother emailing me.
Q:  Am I missing dm2.ent?
A: No.  The entity files are optional, and the server does not come with entity files for each level.  I have provided match start points for the levels that I thought could use them.  For example, dm3 only contains 6 spawn points, so dm3.ent contains 2 match start points so that a 4v4 can start without any telefragging.  On the other hand, 'start' already contains 6 spawn points so I did not include any more; anyone who wants to play a 4v4 on the start level deserves to be telefragged.
Q:  Does this mod work with Quake World?
A: No.
Q:  Are you going to port it to Quake World?
A: No.
Q:  When I connect to a clanring server, quake crashes with a z_malloc error. What do I do?
A: Add -zone 512 to your quake command line. For example, if you usually start quake with the following command line:
winquake -dinput -dsound
then change this to:
winquake -zone 512 -dinput -dsound
Q:  Can I use crmod on a macintosh?
A: Absolutely. There is no crmake for macintosh, but you don't need to run crmake to use crmod - the progs.dat will work "out of the box" on a macintosh. You only need to run crmake if you want to change the MOTD, add extral levels, or use qsmack. In this case, you can find a friend with a PC, run crmake there, and then take the progs.dat back to your mac. Or you can just get a real computer :p