What's New

Clanring CRMod++ 6.0 is now available! Clanring CRMod++ is designed for clans or individuals who want to run a serious standard Quake deathmatch server. The server was created with quality and ease of use in mind at all stages, and as a result it is robust and user-friendly to both players and administrators. Clanring 6.0 adds the following features to the previous versions:

Major Bug Fix

CRMod++ 5.1 finally eliminated the can't jump/shoot/change levels bug. This elusive bug had been around since version 4.0; see the readme for details of what was causing it and how it was fixed.
ProQuake support Native ProQuake support includes features such as team scores and match time displayed in the ProQuake status bar
By binding any key to +teamscores you can pull up team scores in place of the player scores (+showscores). As an added bonus, it also shows the current time left in the match. Teamscores screenshot
Options menu screenshot On-screen options menu for easy navigation of remote admin commands and server options.
Chasecam/Camera heads-up display includes Name, Quad/Ring/Suit flags, weapon, armor type/value, health and ammo.Heads-up display screenshot
Practice mode screenshot Practice mode gives players unlimited ammo and shows damage done to opponents.

More detailed information is available in the Manual.